Paul was born and raised in Hawaii. He has been creating his artwork since he was just a young boy in school. His pastimes were going to the beach and drawing. Paul finished school, married, and had two sons, Adam and Daniel. He enjoys painting anything on a very large scale, including theatrical backdrops, murals, and supergraphics on water towers. Paul has a special talent for envisioning an idea and painting it on a surface.

Paul's Bone Yard Reef artwork has been seen in the form of comics, stickers, and T-shirts, along with his paintings since 1972. He implements environmental stories into his comics to promote awareness of the need to keep the oceans of the world clean and the animals that live there in harmony. He has designed a swim fin to help lifeguards in Hawaii propel themselves quickly and effortlessly through the water, thus saving lives.

Paul enjoys all types of painting and he has developed a substantial collection of his Bone Yard Reef artwork along with his tropical scenery. He has converged the two types of artwork into one, creating paintings that are both realistic and unique at the same time, unlike any other.

Meet Paul in person every Saturday and Sunday from 9:00am - 3:00pm in Waikiki along the Zoo Fence

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